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Ballad of Weedy Peetstraw, Summerworks Performance Festival 2013.  Directed by Jennifer Brewin, Musical Direction by John Millard.  Designed by Glenn Davidson.  Costume Design by Emily Smit-Dicks.  Stage-Management by Andrea Schurmann.  Produced by Thomas Swayne, Estelle Shook and John Millard.  Original Music by John Millard.  Performed by Rebecca Bruton, Glenn Campbell, Randi Helmers, Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster, Jamie Mac, Nicole Robert, Christopher Stanton, Tim Posgate, Rob Clutton, and John Millard.

Received 4-N rating from NOW Magazine, designated Outstanding Production, Outstanding Ensemble, and Outstanding Direction.

Photos by Rob Harding.

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Clay and Paper Theatre Presents, ‘The Pedaller’s Wager’.  July-August 2012, Toronto ON.  Script by David Anderson, Amira Emma Routledge and Company.  Stage Design by Amira Emma Routledge.  Directed by David Anderson, Produced by Amira Emma Routledge.  Musical Direction by Chris Wilson and Nuno Cristo.  Costumes by Amira Emma Routledge and Rowan Doyle.  Performed by Rebecca Bruton, Maria Wodzinska, Anna Sapershteyn, Ellen Hurley, Caitie Graham, Joshua Clayton, Brandon Validivia, Nick Ferraro.

Photos by Tamara Romanchuk.

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